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One Desire

…ending So what's the right direction I still need to know where from Cause now my heart is on the run Hurts Does it matter where the pain is coming from When it still burns And the fire here inside me wasn't enough Will…

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Whoever Brings the Night

…We seduce the dark with pain and rapture Like two ships that pass in the night You and I, a whore and a bashful sailor Welcome to a sunrise of a dirty mind All you love is a lie You one-night butterfly Hurt me, be the…

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Sleep Tonight
Satin Circus

…love, ring the alarms Sometimes when life gets tough, I just need you around Just like you needed me, yeah just to calm down Don't you worry I'll stay up all night The monsters under your bed Can't hurt you tonight I'll…

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I Have Nothing

…further I don't want to have to go where you don't follow I won't hold it back again, this passion inside I can't run from myself There's nowhere to hide Don't make me close one more door I don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my…

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Lose You Tonight

…all my life And I ain't gonna Lose you tonight Don't run away I never wanted to hurt you Please stay And I'll learn to treat you right I was waiting for you Waiting for all my life And I've been crying for you Dying…

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Isac Elliot

…Life is ups and downs Sometimes you give it your best But it don't work out Life ain't always fair Sometimes you think you found the one Till' they disappear Ooh, ooh I know you've been hurt before Ooh, ooh You ain't…

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…And right now the road's as far as I can see I've been hurt I've been relieved Reminded of what I believed Still right now Here's where I know I have to be Until my thoughts come clear to me Slowing down on the driveway…

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Paper plane
Isac Elliot

…paper plane Yeah I will fly over the skyline And if it's gonna rain then I could die But where ever you are Yeah, where ever ever I'll risk it for ya I know I'll find ya My heart belongs to ya Then this won't hurt no more No this won't hurt no more…

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Bare Grace Misery

…Sweet boy, come in I am the dark side of you Die for my sins Like the One once did Cinnamon bed For your unashamed appetite A figurante This dance will hurt like hell Oh, bare grace misery Just a child without a…

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