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…I don't care what you look like, I don't care 'bout labels I don't care what the book like, I don't care who you pray to I don't care if you weird, there's a chair at my table It's only there if you real though, I don't…

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Satin Circus

…! So so super the way I feel Though you might not be real I don't mind, it's alright See you tonight Time flies let's improvise Bright lights but I close my eyes Cupid starts shooting hearts Make my day As we are…

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…, johdetaanko meitä harhaan?" Vai väitätsä, et kaikki tehtäis kansalaisen parhaaks? "Poliisit, vartijat, valtuudet on ylitetty." Julkinen tila ostoskeskuksille pyhitetty. They wanna program me, but I'm a real system. I…

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Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…, biggie, and 'pac those who taught me what is real rap as a kid I dreamed 'bout mic ...and now i know what it's like Sing it baby... kertosäe: Whatever you say Whatever you do Do everything you can To make your dreams come…

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Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

…To a nightmare within a nightmare we are bound to adore Let the planchette in the shape of a heart glide to oui And finally confirm all fears to be so real (it's unreal) Underneath the ice so thin, I am turning blue The…

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Huge L

…Se on aitopäisyyt kun vaimo häipyy sano keeping it real nii ei maito läiky tää vaatii taitoo plus perehdytyst jos luulet et oot ainoo sä oot erehtynyt elän päänsisäses getos lapsuus ei ollu tarpeeks miehinen kun oli…

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Let me in
Nomi Enckell

…, I try to keep my heart open 'cause I know that nothing's really over until it's over I'm standing outside the door, you make me come back for more And I can never let you go, no This time I'm gonna make it real, I wanna…

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…, A silent kite against the blue, blue sky. Every chimney, every moonlit sight, I am the story that will read you real. Every memory that you hold dear. I am the journey, I am the destination. I am the home, The tale…

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…I hear you breathe so far from here I feel your touch so close and real And I know my church is not of silver and gold Its glory lies beyond judgment of souls The commandments are of consolation and warmth You know…

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