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Laula lujempaa (Show Must Go On)
Haloo Helsinki!

go on! Laa laa laallalaallalaa laa, show must go on! Laa laa laallalaallalaa laa, show must go on! Laula lujempaa, ja ota musta kiinni! Tahdon laulaa karaokessa koko viikonlopun Queenii En aio olla onneton, vaikken aina…

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The Greatest Show On Earth

…of all We are one We are a universe Forbears of what will be Scions of the Devonian sea Aeons pass Writing the tale of us all A day-to-day new opening For the greatest show on Earth Ion channels welcoming the outside…

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I Will Be The End Of You

on and tear me apart Show me all you have got I will be so free Hear the cries of the stormy skies Letting go of all the tears held in Waiting for that shadow to smile And realize You're nowhere near me Love's…

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Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly

…butterfly, For your soul, my love. Rip out the wings of a butterfly, For your soul. Rip out the wings of a butterfly Don’t let go, Rip out the wings of a butterfly For your soul. Come on, and show them your love. Rip…

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…Born to the false world the wanderer Storyteller the pied piper On a quest for immortality Gathering a troop to find the fantasy Lead by a maid queen of the night Voice of angel such a divine sight An amazon to fight…

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Touch & Go

…crash tonight Far below in another world where I go waits another girl Every time that I take this flight Something sets my heart alight Time really flies, it's no friend of mine It must be a crime, the way I say…

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Let Go feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…Thinking the weekend's away so far still Feeling I'm suffocating I must run Waiting for summer waiting when will it come On monday I'm thinking one day Imma catch a plane and take it one way And then I just breathe in and then…

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Let go redrama
Redrama feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…then breathe out And on those days is when I do _ That my brother sees me to the sunraise And I just breathe in and then breathe out Oh when, when I think about it Ain't nothing to think about Let go, let go, let go, let…

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Born This Way

…, babe" "So hold your head up, girl and you'll go far, Listen to me when I say" I'm beautiful in my way, 'Cause God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way Don't hide yourself in regret, Just

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