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…I followed my dream Since I got on my knees, and got God on my team, ain't talking religion I really just follow his lead Used to be stuck in the corner, now I'm busting through borders Waking up in the morning…

98.12 %
Coffee shop (i'm lovin' it)

…I think you know it by now I don't like leaving the house Only when it's inevitable off to the coffee shop I should have warned you by now Tonight I won't come around I'm amazed I made it somehow all alone to the coffee…

51.51 %

…here right now (Now) I'm caught in the moment, You catching nostalgiia (Now) Keep talking and hoping Ashes won't matter Every single hot minute give it all I got, driven chilling, roof-top vision watch the planet stop…

45.09 %
Ur Cool

…you, look me in my eyes This heart beats everytime I ain't got nothing to lose I want this me and you So babe it's worth a try I think you're really.. hey I think you're really cool, I like you a lot x3 maybe we can hang out or something hey I think you're really cool, I like you a lot x3 maybe we can hang out or something baby…

43.94 %
Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…be my little honeybunny Thinkin' what it would have been if I dropped rap whenever someone dissed me what, what, on ground they smacked me got over it an' now they're runnin' around my dick These days I swim in giant…

41.02 %
Let go redrama
Redrama feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…Yeah, let go ou-ou Sitting in my cubicle in down slow What I got to do I do what I'm told I'm smiling at the customer with my balls It really could suck my world you don't pause But I got rent to pay, I got bills…

40.71 %
Let Go feat. Kristinia DeBarge

…me waiting Writing a new song but what if they all hate it What about my nephew growing without a father He's caught in the middle and I'm acting a martyr Heard from an old friend not doing too well Would it be credible…

38.84 %

…made up what you say I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah the world against us, not afraid 'cause I'm unbreakable, unbreakable you're unbreakable, unbreakable I don't know what happens now all I know is I won't give up…

36.72 %
Lipstick feat. Tyga
Isac Elliot

…One step closer Anywhere you go, I'll follow baby Can't get over Every time I close my eyes I see your Lipstick, I can't believe that's all she left me with She stole my heart and then she ran with it Leaving me nothing…

35.86 %
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