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Sweet Pandemonium

…Today Tomorrow seems so far away And the wait in vain So safe In the blinding light of love unchained In yesterday's grave The truth that could set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed by disbelief…

95.87 %
Your Sweet Six Six Six

…in my heart I'm longing for your touch And I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart I'm losing my faith in you You don't want it to be true But there's nothing you can do There's nothing you can do Yes, I've lost my…

74.74 %
Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California
57.93 %
Alive Again
Jarkko Niemi

…danger you've better run far, while you can and I Said hey sweet baby, you're a broken angel let's dry our tears and make our dreams alive again I met this girl last night she had a golden hair and the bluest eyes taking day…

23.02 %
Lähiörotat Skujaa
SMC Hoodrats

…Eka meni massit sit sweet kolmeviis Entä sitten ku on siniset tulossa Alasti mätäojas, nyt oon pulassa Mitä eilen kävi, ei mitään ideaa Arkihan muistuttaa myöhäisillan videoo Venasin seuraavaa huonoo tsägää Jos veistäis…

19.28 %
Salt In Our Wounds

…grave And the salt in our wounds Here we are right back where we began Waiting for the sweet love with open arms Here we are just like before Waiting for the warmth of that tender storm…

16.21 %
Sleepwalking Past Hope

…I hid the keys to unlock love's heart To hold you in my sweetest pain and suffering Everything's unfair in our lust and war Redemption beyond right and wrong In our hearts, love keeps sweet-talking to despair And goes…

16.09 %

…unbound If tale aren't just for children to see That it's peace is sleep walks with me As you wish For kingdom come The one to know all the answers You think you dwell in wisdom's sea Still, sweet ignorance is the key To a…

16.09 %
Something better

…Exchasing dreams and how they'll last no no Still knowing nothing at all But we found something better Plain answer, however For I'll not surrender We found something better (woo-oo-oo-oo) ( found something) (woo-oo-oo-oo…

15.74 %
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