7 Days, 7 Nights

Anna Abreu

They stand in my way They're out of control I've nothing to say I want to go home Right from the start They've been tracking me down They're acting so smart Hey don't make a sound Wanting me to do wrong But I got to stay strong

CH: Shut your mouth and go Won't you leave me alone now I'll smash your camera phone Stay out of my private zone now Seven days a week Seven nights in a row I just want to live my life and do my show Stop pulling me down Cause I'm starting to grow now

Asking me questions Like they really care Like how do you do? And do you have an affair? I give no reply Am I pissing you off? It's my private life That you can not unlock Wanting me to do wrong But now I got to stay strong Tell me where I belong

Running with their flashing lights They try to start up crazy fights Seven days and seven nights Now tell me where's my freakin' rights

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