A love and divotion


All the songs, sings the same thing, the love and divotion of every human being, how hard it is always leave everything behind, to built something new, with the new love, since its never ever so pure, you just life your life, to fill it again.

I have had time to see things, I have chosen freedom, since the people make, all the time the same mistakes, over and over again, they dont believe in money and love, which makes their lives, somehow light.

I have my own live, I havent had the sisters with whom to fight, I havent seen that teenage game, my friends have had many lives, already by the age of 25. They just like to play, it gives them boost to the libido, they like it anyway, this kind of game.

I just have wanted a secured life, lot of erotica and prime-time, in our penthouse flat, and to travel, and spend time with you, i the warm places, where we have time to each other, to see your all sides, behind your secret sky.

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