a woman beater

Piia Myyry

You make your own lifes, around, you make your money with violance, you come form another coutries, to work, like old times, you life like in the movies, you really like your rounds, all the nights are for, you, you prevent the life, it suets you and your wife, otherwise you dont see each other, for you its all fun, you really are like dogs, who really bite.

You are no hurry to anywhere, you sit there and arrange your new game, you really beat the whole people, you live like you were all the time, at work you make the violence yourself, with your group of people.

You all like your mad dog life, you really beat women, to see them cry, we never seen such a lunatic people, you are the same, who beat with the iron and wood, to get revenge of every kind of need, you a a women beater.

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