Burden of lifes

Piia Myyry

You beat people to hospitals, make the suffer, you thing in court it is fun, but for you its alright, you like to see people, with compulsary style, everybody must be there, like you were in army, maybe they like their own days, and spend time wiht theri friends.

You all have had a good time, its all about your group, new faces in the city all the time, you really look fine outside, things you do is just something, else, i never seen such a cruel life, you like to beat humans, get them tired, and early prevent their lifes.

You get the new kid, with you new childs, you like that lifestyle, even you have money, to spend some other, life, you really need just a fuck, you like every girl, you have the time to choose, its your life, you had have enough, of your marriages and burden of lifes.

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