calling to fernando

piia myyry

Ciao fernando, is this our day? Do you see me in the evening at the market place? Do we have today a candle light dinner in some quiet place, or do you wabt to see your friends face.

I have been put shopping all the day, my feeth hurt but you dont care, I want a softer work to spare myself, if you are about to make it a tight, you dont succeedl, I sont have time to choose a life a child to quide.

If you want a penthouse party, you better go to get it from some party. If you do want to see the embassy surroundings, have a nice evening in some jugent appartment, you can come with me. there is a pleanty of food and beverages you to feed. All the fun starts at this time of the year, mexicon embassy has halloween party, to celebrate every year on their hall.

I really dont know, any of your friends. But they must be a lot of fun, sinse yuo are with them every day, I have been livind in 6 different countries, now I want a stable familylife and lots of new babypartners.

I try to charge my phone in here, So , I can finally call you, without a fear. I have seen a lot of you relatives here, its their hometown, they have their cars. and read news at the garrage, nearby, I have wanted to call you for a reason. its a family thing, not like lets go tho the beer.

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