Ends to the prison

Piia Myyry

You are those men, who kill their wifes, weaken them, the white collar crimes, you follow their adsence, all the time, you do it with violance, you dont leave them alone, its you small game in the earth, they have bad injuries, over the body all day long, still thay do work, you beat the people around you all the night, you keep it fun,but its your whole family style, you are all the same.

You keep us in your violence targets, every night is the same style, you beat women at beds you like trillers, and arrange occident in europe during the days, you like to make people to feel weak, and not able to speak, you beat their skulps like in movies, when it all ends to the prison, in every land.

You like to be on move, they stay at homes, all day long, they like their violent lifes, they do nothing, even the house is violent all day long, you all are convicted, people know it on their lifes, its easy to see in the talk, around the world.

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