piia myyry

I want to go travelling. It gives a taste of freedom, I need it. To get enough oxygen, wind under the wings.

You have promised to see me, to take me out of the city, to see something else. I am an outdoor cat. Never get enough of good atmosphere. Though now I amgetting older, and want a softer life.

I can start buying a softer bed, to enjoy. I want the life where it is easier to breath. I need you beside me. Alone it starts to be too hard to be. Only you can make my life easier. Everything is done to humans. The table of life is set.

I love to see Spain, but you are too busy for a holiday. I dont want all the time just see thing, i need a human touch. Barcelona is a vital city. I would like to life there, or Paris. Together we can take a getaway, have some fun.

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