Iinternational love

Piia Myyry

You kill people of your own needs, you arrange living for you and your chicks, you like your life with women, that all you need, you have no other way to life, its all about you and your living.

You all have your bad moods, 'you always share it with your another grooms, you really love no-one, its all about you and your weener, all the time.

You come to another land, to fuck your needs, you are so far oway, you all life, of your own needs, f you really are raw as hell, you never see the people, you fuck your friends, you beat them to get sex, you have your violance, all the time present.

You all have all the time the same game, you come from north, its not rich area, you have your space, you really like this kind of life, i am not keen n it, i like international love.

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