MTV genaration

Piia Myyry

Where are all the good parties, 'you watch your previous girls, all their lifes, i am not keen on you anymore, fed up all the women you like to score, its really never stops, you have lifed like that over the years, you reallly like to run after the chicks.

You have had time for everything, they leave already, and leave you to life your own days, its really nothing wha ti wanted, i never been so keen on anybodies problems, or between peoples doors, all day long.

You all think you can do anything, its the came for, you select wrong, almost every day, you like to life like teens, not you have money, somebody feeds the kids.

You all write your own songs, some-one plays the music, like you do it, you all like cats as a movie, nowadays it is all in tv, like the mtv generation, play it.

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