Out of the came

Piia Myyry

Leave me alone, i dont need you and your friends, i dont know the, I dont need their face, you love your life, do the same, i am too tired of the whole thing, you have played yourself, out of the hole came.

You all want the same, all the days, you just open the door, every day, you like their style, they dont want to see your face, no more, you spend days, somewhere else, these girls you have met, those you chose, and spent the time with your family, and old girlfriends, you have always time for to score, you dont have much work, you are always home.

You let them to come between, you look for the same all the days, you fuck the same (aids) friends, so you all share them, you dont care anything else, that aid, from your friends, the trips abroad, filling your time, to nonsence.

I am not playing your game, i dont even like your friends, i dont want to hear about them, and spend time to their games. I dont have nothing to give, I have to work all the days, you can shine in your cars, you just want to fuck, and drive all nights.

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