Out of the women


You come to talk, you like to walk, you have an painted body, its hot, you like to work, its your heart, like your car, you dont like to fight, you spend time, with guys.

You like the mood, its so groov, you make me smile, you talk, like guys, you like the room, its cosy. like your moves, you like the style it makes you smile, you are cute as a child, you have your dads style.

You like you army life, you make people not smile, they probably like you not, it doesnt matter, you have the girls. who like to see you. I just dont like the living, you beat the joy, out of the women.

You all have the same grounds, you love to talk, spend time with your wifes, its nothing special, but it suites you just fine, you go out, run a family, its your life,

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