Over the years

Piia Myyry

You all love your pridal games, you life in helsinki, you take the connection, every day, you arrange new scheens, you play with freedom and sicknesses, you get money of it, its your work, you do only two things, work and crimes, in the centre of Helsinki.

You children are already sick at the age of 5, your husbands are all studing medicine, work in hospitals all the time, you like to see new diseaces, you make them yourself, you beat people, since you have learned new things.

You all love to show your skills, how you beat human beings, we all have seen it, its corona years, the games are too lethals, you like killing,. over the years, you live the same, its not your needs, this is society, you live in gates, during the days, bulevard is your street, there you roll your own crimes, over the years. .

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