rainbow days

Piia Myyry

You all have your own skys, there is no criminal life, without action, somebody likes that style, I dont have anymore any school life, its nice to seee the childhood friends, but its a long time.

You all like to arrange crimes, you through the peoples, properties to el amarillo, you play with you new chillo, you have seen every kind of live, iving in different cities, you are old with you styles.

You all want to see the new era of life, you like everything nice, not your own lifes, you beat women with your wifes, you use the people to get heat, its womans life,

You all like your way of life, you get rid of the work, of allergy to your own wifes, ' you all have money and many wifes, you school is full of your kids, who date the similar ones. Running everything on my own, there is two of you doing your own things, like in rainbow days, people had different need.

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