Rest of your lifes (cabaree)

Piia Myyry

You all have the same kind on work, in offices, the rest of your lives, you make social insurance frauds, propaply all your lifes, you have the white collar life, you follow no guidelines, even they really make, everything easy, its you life.

Its easy to be a sport man, its all the time big money, money for cars, you all wait for the tomorrow, you do it all for you, its your worry, you worry a lot, of everything.

You like to keep mood good, you really have your own rooms, you like the scheen in every field, you have the education, of the broken families, you want everything to yourself, you have the money, but you are not keen on spend.

You like your restricted lifes, you dont need to do nothing, watch your cars, you like the smiling lipsticks, in the evening, like you candle lights, white table and table wines. you like to make people to work, capitalism is you everyday talk.

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