Rocking world


You like to sing to me, its easy, you have feelings, through the songs, we hear it, you make love like you play it, you have a carribean soul, i can hear it from your tone, you loce your life and look, its easy for you, girls like to talk to you.

You all have the same tone, you differ from your lifes, its your soul, you love to tease me all day long, you help me to carry the bags, when i go home.

YOu like to speak loud and work more, you are workaholic, but you love that world, you all want to see me naked, you look angry but you all fake it.

You all are busy all day long, i dont know what you want, its like a gray goose, there is no flexibility, you like no caribean moves. You play with your toys, all day long, you play with your women, even you are shy like a small dog.

There is on much to do, you play billiard, spend your time with the fools, you all have something to give, for love, its easy field., you all have the same style, you drive your carsa dn tease your wifes.

They are keen on attention, all the time, passing their time at coffee houses, you love life, its boring in the mornings, you have the sunny california, nothing is really sad or boring, you can rock you life to the stars, its easy for you, you like the rocking world.

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