showments (adults, engl.)


You yell, yell and yell, you dont really spell, any good words, its just all the same.

I am so bored, I could die, you love like an angel, they say you are wicked like a hell.

You dont listen a word, you dont even care. You just breath and eat, you are like nobody, they say, that guy loves nobody.

You are like a wind, you say thats what we all will be. Cant you see, its all waste of time, time of innocense has disappeared long time ago, to the turbulence of sinns.

All could have been easier, but it really hasn´t been. It has always been difficult with you, thats the reason, i have wanted to be free.

in my life there has been funny moments and game, I want to feel excitement and passion in every way. I want you to show me those little moments, so I can pray for more many showments. I think passion has really found me, passion with desiree and innocense to beat me.

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