Stay safe

Piia Myyry

You all make bulvan money, you follow people, beat them in your groups, to get the illegal money at work, they dont come there freely, they are forced to keep them healthy, you just need to be there, its you room, stay safe, they want protect themself, its society, the violent people go the prison.

You all dont see how serious it all is, you just sit at work, and watch the monitor, you dont call because of humans, any call, you like their suffer, all day long, you all have made serious crimes, you are active all the time, you really dont stop, You walk alone, you have the family, with whom you share your money,

You all are fine, but the connections, come from the another cities, so you can operate in hospitals again, you have time, you are not keen on spending time, with your wife or childs,. like normal people , in their lifes, you just sit at the cars, do nothing else than arrange new crimes, and accidents in the city, dupplo lifes.

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