Surrounded by all the women


You are always surrounded by all the women, it must lift your selfestime, I havent seen you to life any other way, you are not a public person, who must accomodate to this kind of living.

You are getting older, havent yourealized it, we are not the same, we have used to be, I still do these legal things, its my work, its not my passion, or first choise to live like this.

I have just studied it in the university, i could have done something else, be a musician or artist, do something decorative, like my friends from high school, they have their own work rooms, to be innovative and create something new.

You have just seen me talking legal vocabulary, its not all my life, all my friend just are at the same sector, of make their living,

Now when I am older, I have tought, was it the right choise, probably not, but we dont really talk of it, i have always been creative, I could have been a architect, easily, be famous, like Alvar Aalto, and some other people

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