The archipelago islands


What you become during the nights, For all its an era of another kind, do you become like a delicate oyster rolex, or how do you call yourself, are you like a good rodeo pony?

Which forces just drive you, to move forward, whats important, or is just everything egal.

I have just heart, a many things, to descripe a life, nothing really lasts, for a lifetime.

It is just much more fun, to go around together, its easier to balance, the certain moments,

I have liked to stay at the school life, there were many people, everywhere at the same time.

We all like the interaction, some move is just their way, to have some more action.

My work is just to do the inhalt. I write everything to the paper, and correct it all.

The weather here restricts the life, after the years, it has come different, even in the coastal line.

From here, people go to work to the islands, its a ferry trip to the archipelado islands, there is nice and quiet places, if you just want to see some privacy.

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