The Eiffel tour


I lay at your arms, you play classical music under the parienne sky, you are young and wild, not so easy to guide, we see at Paris metro, I dont know what style you love, I just dont want to fight.

I just want the easy days, i am an adult, not so noisy gateways, I trust my life to you, I hope it is a good path, I desire you.

I just want to see new things, the beautiful people, andsoft walking moves, I just want to stare the sky, from the Eiffel tour it is like another sky.

I just want to stand in Lafayettes shopping mole, to stare people going on the catwalk, the shop is like a Disneyland, fun for all, you never get bored.

Your lifestyle is out of their world, I never seen such a luxory, or the parties to ease, the tirst.

You have wanted a VIP lifestyle, everything is done for you, you just need to ask for it.

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