The real love


You feel like love, all the time, its ok, ilike it, your life, i mean, we can hav the slideshow of love, I dont need to do much,just love, for sure.

All the time goes to work, there is not much time to be together, and need love. thats why people make the kids, at the age of 40. You still have time to spend teasing women.

Come inside to my home, I just want to feel your love, give the heat to my cold city-place, its like warming up the winter cottage, it takes time, there is no hurry.

You live like you have wanted, just to take your own time, to please you, not to fight of the love live.

They all want the same, of my point of view, its not really a game. I dont know, how you feel, every day, does the real love, make you happy.

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