The rooms are full

Piia Myyry

You all want to humiliate people, you all want to tease everybody, like your own feelings, you all have been everywhere, they walk around, the river, everyday, its their life over the years, its not the same life, you make excures, everyday.

You make your own minds, are you sure it all was wise, the rooms are fool of patiences, you all see the people, not help on their own days.

You like to spend time with you new wife, they like to tease you, I have no time, there is always somebody new, its easy to choose, you have place to move,you all want to see the sorrow, it lifts your own world, you have something to talk of.

You all have the risky work, they have just the same talk, easy money from nothing, you can be notified, of some other life, you see the people again at the hospitals, its your life..

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