The warriors of love


My friends like bikini-chics, they have to have fun, they just seek for a meat, its nothing serious, they just want to enjoy of their time, since they have nothing else to do, and they have only one mood.

All the time just hunting for some new chicks, since they have viril dicks, they say, its their natural stage, they cant live any other way. They live like the warriors of love, there is always time to play, the cupido game.

We are not the foreigners of love, anymore, I dont want the time of my own, at all, you desire of love, I can give it to you, pour you some wine, take s drink.

Obviously, you never get bored, to your own life, you are shy heart, gimme some love, its so hot evenings, you just need to see it. Its so easy to be with you, you are all the time, on that mood.

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