TIme with your wife

Piia Myyry

You all have sex and violance, you make new markets, to beat women black, it means all the time the same, you all beat the people death, you arrange home violance, by military style form the shadow, you like the army style, it suets you fine, people try to work, you prevent their life, you dont work anymore.

You make new violance every day, dozens of times you beat, you have nothing else to do, you beat old people and the new, its really makes you feel good, you like people suffer, you kill people, you have just prepared for new papers, you self do.

You all love to be at home, its ok, you have space of your own, you really like your life, you are keen on spending, time with your wife, you have always the same life, its doesnt change even you change a wife, you all have been married, you go to fuck, you really are keen on people, just for your needs.

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