You have your cristal ball

Piia Myyry

Pro bone your life is illegal, you feat all the time the pain, you give the wood and steel, when they sleep, you make them mortal deseaces, you love to be psychiatric, during the days, its nothing else than spy people, and their faces, you do it with medicine, and recipies, you like to beat them to the invalides, so that they dont have sex, you are criminal, with your psykiatric rounds, its all the time same violance, during the sex, you see it well, you have your cristal ball, there you work all the days.

You all make your own moves, 'you have your life here, you like to stay still, talk in important, you like to show your intelligent skills, you prevent their work, stopping their lifes, so that they dont get the work, they gained, you all prevent fundamental rights, its your obsessed, lifestyle, they do what they wnat, as long it is legal, every day violance is not the game.

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