You seek your events

Piia Myyry

You have an easy lifes, you like surprises, you arrange them all the time, people want the stability, you seek you events, you are keen on making, your own moves, you all like to make your own lifes, i never seen such a rode guys, you have your family and lifes, you get bored, and beat people to death, you spy on them all the time, you like your criminal mind, it attracts you, not the sunny sky.

You have a lot of time, you do there something at home, i do everything of my own, you consentrate your lovelife, you choose your own lifes, you like to be in your own surroundings. You all have your own money, work, all day, att the factories, you like it, you really are mean, to the people, they dont want to see you, you all beat human beings.

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