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Baby I
Isac Elliot

…, ooh Baby I-I-I-I-I I would lie-ie-ie-ie-ie If I said I never miss you when I’m by myself So tonight I will try. I will open up your eyes ’Cause I know that you’d be better off with me instead So here I am without my…

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Sorry my ass

…but you gave me head mitä muutkaa mä muka täl feimil teen sua vituttaa mun ass when i hit the first class sori mä oon jääs mut ei sorry ass siks sua vituttaa siit mä niput saan ku näil vihaajil me vilungit maksetaan…

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Marry me
Krista Siegfrids

…Spying on you undercover drinking coffee with your mother Am I getting closer? Baby I feel like sinner skipping dinner to get thinner Where is my proposal? I'm your slave and you're my master Oh baby, come on, take…

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Ghost Brigade

…today all colors are bleeding and across the ocean I am sorry I couldn't stay how does it feel to watch you are too much is your heart without a closet too never season to believe all darkness to infinity if you…

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I Am
Bad King

…, I've been fighting too. I am what I am, I am what I am. But who I am - who I really am. x2 When the life end, is there a place between heaven and hell? I won't die yet, I've got more little stories to tell. There's…

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Pokemon (J&E Remix) feat. Sharon, Biggy Pop
Portion Boys

baby you're my pokemon gotta get some info that Cause baby you're my pokemon I'm sorry mama I cannot answer the phone Cause I'm catching pokemon Already 24 miles away from home Cause I'm catching pokemon it does not…

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Bare Grace Misery

…Spoiled Lucrece lies warm for you There's no such priest That can pray me to heaven When done with me Forget if you think I feel ashamed A wild thing Never felt sorry for anything Love lying, enticing (Bare grace misery) Crowning the moment (Bare grace misery) This is what I am Bare grace for the end of days…

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C'mon Baby Yeah

…sun ympärilläsi Rakkikoirat häntää heiluttaa Tiedäthän ettei sun tarvii kertoa Ei valheita, ei totuutta tunnustaa Yeah yeah C'mon now baby, baby c'mon C'mon now baby, baby c'mon now Baby, baby yeah, nyt ei tapella nyt…

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