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Beauty & The Beast (Live)

…more than you can offer me Didn't you read the tale Where happily ever after was to kiss a frog? Don't you know this tale In which all I ever wanted I'll never have For who could ever learn to love a beast? However…

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Bad Company
Doctrine Wavers

…, light my cigarette. I burn it from both ends. I wanna see this torch of a person of much like me. I’m setting this shit on fire I like the smell of gasoline. Sunset beautifully bright I need my life no more. I’m setting this shit on fire I like the smell of gasoline. Sunset beautifully bright I need my life no more. No more.…

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The Forever Moments

…petals Out of the petals a cradle I will My cradle rocks with the waves of time The time of beauty will never be the same Oh, little girl, as thou must now leave Please take me, take me with thee Now I hear my mother…

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All for Victory
Angelo De Nile

…when all kneeled before me The crown of my glory was the weight of the world And I stand with no one left beside me Alone I’ll be followed, with nothing left to win Live, live, live all for victory Give, give, give all…

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High Hopes (Live)

forever by desire and ambition, There's hunger still unsatisfied, Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon, Though down this road we've been so many times. The grass was greener The light was brighter The taste was sweeter…

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The Kinslayer (Live)

…, I don't care Orchid kids, blinded stare Need to understand No need to forgive No truth no sense left to be followed "Facing this unbearable fear like meeting an old friend" "Time to die, poor mates, You made me what I

39.88 %
Wishmaster (Live)

…words are silent in Him Distant sigh from a lonely heart "I`ll be with you soon, my Shalafi" Grey Havens my destiny Master! Apprentice! Heartborne, 7th Seeker Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster Silvara Starbreeze…

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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…then nothing will drag me away Don't you ever leave me baby Don't you ever leave me now Don't you ever leave me baby If you leave me you will kill me now Now that some much time has passed I know that this love of ours…

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Live to Tell the Tale

…will to Live to tell the tale Oh how I hate my kind Have it all Yet wish to die Not mykind but the kind as you are Saints in Cain's mask I love you I just did…

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