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Why Me, Why You?
Nylon Beat

…Why me, why you Play so cool That we end up feelin' blue There's me and there's you 'Cause a fight always needs two Why me Just can't see That we're falling much too deep It's so hard to keep Love like it used to be…

19.26 %
All Good Everything

…Didlididlididli-woohoo! (haha jes) Didli-woohoo! (woohoo) Didlididli-woohoo! Tuntuu hyvältä Miten mä voin pyytää muka enempää, häh? Mä haluun olla vaan rotat ei pysty trollaamaan Kaikki on kohdallaan mul on all good

16.34 %
Good Times
Satin Circus

…you? Looking for good times Chasing the sunrise Living the fun nights Looking for you Little miss sunshine Show me the bright side A dance in the moonlight Just me and you Party on rooftops Hitting the night clubs…

15.84 %
Africa at Night
Nylon Beat

…sound of kalimba Calling to party even more Africa at night Feelin' high Masquerade party on the hot sand Africa at night The dark sky Everybody's groovin' on with the band We joined the masters of an anciet dance…

14.92 %
If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good

…it understood That if ya wanna be bad ya you gotta be good She says there'll be no lying No foolin' around No seven day weekends No nights on the town Well that's the way I want it That's the way it's gotta be If you're…

14.50 %
Ihan Liian Leija feat. JVG

…show on liian leija Mun hoe on liian leija Mun veli liian leija Tää jouni liian leija Toiset sanoo liian leija mut ei tiiä mitä meinaa Yeah chillin like a villain outhit kill it Feelin like a million mut mä oonki…

13.98 %
Valoo Tunnelin Päässä
SMC Hoodrats
12.85 %

…Imagine a perfect beach Without a mermaid Imagine a perfect hideaway Without a time Ocean soul Imagine a perfect Eden Without a friend without a serpent Ocean soul Lonely soul Feeling lonely and content at the same time I believe Is a rare kind of happiness Ocean soul Lonely soul…

10.51 %
Si si si
Irwin Goodman
9.67 %