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C'mon Baby Yeah

…sun ympärilläsi Rakkikoirat häntää heiluttaa Tiedäthän ettei sun tarvii kertoa Ei valheita, ei totuutta tunnustaa Yeah yeah C'mon now baby, baby c'mon C'mon now baby, baby c'mon now Baby, baby yeah, nyt ei tapella nyt…

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Baby I
Isac Elliot

Baby I ooh, ooh Baby I ooh, ooh I can’t help losing faith when you say, that you love me so much as a friend You don’t know how it hurts to pretend, when I see you make the same mistakes all over again Baby I-I-I-I-I…

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Waiting for a baby

…. Pregnent to you makes me a whole. To be pregnent for you makes us a family. Waiting for a boy, gives us both a joy, waiting for a boy gives stability and feeling of eternal life. Waiting for a baby is exciting time. It…

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Kaija K
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Pää Kii
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Trubadur K. Pyysalo
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Elokuva feat. P-K Keränen
Paperi T
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Gone With The Sin

…I love your skin Oh, so white I love your touch Cold as ice And I love every single tear you cry I just love the way you're losing your life Oh, my baby, how beautiful you are Oh, my darling, completely torn apart…

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