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Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…will last forever 'Cause we feel it, take it, hold it and believe it You need me like I need you I know you do, I'm sure you do The lights are slowly going down On Lexington Avenue, and me I'm all alone feeling the…

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He's Not My Man
Elina Arlin

believe it's tried and true (Simon, Patrick, Joey and Sam; none of them's gonna be my man.) He's not my man, he's not my man Oh I have a masterplan I'm gonna do what I know is right I'm gonna prove that love can last It…

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Elina Arlin

…Poser - Elina Arlin She has heard it all before and learned how to ignore Mean rumours that people tell, she knows them too well Other women seem to believe she’s blind and naive Like she wouldn’t see behind the scenes…

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…The stars are coming now across the sky your disbelieve, it makes me feel alive if you don't believe that I will rise again then you haven't seen the view from where I stand I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah my mind…

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Tääl on Lieminen Ft. Davo & Edu
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Sain vain egen
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Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…without saying goodbye alone as can be Like black rain on a summer night falling on me You took away my love and light but I still believe Next March I've got your note You said: some day That letter gave me hope All…

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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…in storm that one thunder Can bring you to your knees But when I fall down There's still I voice inside my head that makes me stronger And tells me to believe Cause I Will never let you down No Matter where you are yeah…

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Bad King

…girl with bad habits, girl with bad habits. I'm gonna make you scream, 'cause tonight I'm your ride. I will make you believe, 'cause tonight I'm your God. Just another fearless Saturday night, gonna spend my money on my…

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