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Burn Your Ship

…When days are growing dark Dreams fall apart and hopes are fading When fear is in your heart And tomorrow wears the mask of tragedy You'll learn what to burn What you need and what you should leave behind You'll know…

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Burn Out
Juice Leskinen
90.90 %

…insane when I aim to burn 'em all And I don't think I'm ever gonna need kindling in the afterparty Walking barefoot on the green green ash Wouldn't want it any other way Soon we're ready for the raindance We'll call it a…

32.67 %

…we burnt our wings and flew too high we gave too much eye for an eye we lost ourselves in this endless fight you lit me up like fire gone are the days but still i'm not giving in you set me on fire and left me burnt

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I come clean
Lake Jons

…clothes on fire across the burn fly through the sky people get clean time to time ???? I shine the dirt in me it's time to move on I'll be on my way on my face ??? I'll be feet I'll come clean I run to the sweat shop…

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Guardians Of Fate

…prophet of the moon had said Those who travelled far away from home, they'll never return and those who crossed the seas of hope, they all will burn

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Dark Secret Love

…For a moment the world turns its back And you let me come closer Though the hearts were filled with fear For this dark sekret love Oh let the world turn its back And please let me come closer Though the hearts filled…

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One Desire

…run Hurts Does it matter where the pain is coming from When it still burns And the fire here inside me wasn't enough Will we still love Can't you see that there was only you and me Until we burn Until we burn So what's…

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In Venere Veritas

…Let's fall apart together now Zipping Cupid in a body bag well-worn Next to the mausoleum he was born in Picking up the pieces of this gory glory of it all From eve to morn, for Eve to mourn Have no fear There are…

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