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Burn Your Ship

…that everything else must go Slow down, your home is where your heart is and this Life is just a ride It's a lie One life, one chance, one strife You're a flame that can burn so bright So shine before you fade into the…

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Burn Out
Juice Leskinen
37.42 %

…insane when I aim to burn 'em all And I don't think I'm ever gonna need kindling in the afterparty Walking barefoot on the green green ash Wouldn't want it any other way Soon we're ready for the raindance We'll call it a…

13.61 %
Deathbringer From The Sky

…total chaos will arrive Men shall flee in fear My name will haunt their mortal souls I'll burn their flesh and I'll crush their bones Now they shall know That every myth told is true They shall burn on my blazing gallows…

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I Am
Bad King

…something in me that wants to be good, wants to burn and put a spell on you. You gotta go on as long as you live, you've been fighting too. I am what I am, I am what I am. But who I am - who I really am. x2…

11.14 %

…we burnt our wings and flew too high we gave too much eye for an eye we lost ourselves in this endless fight you lit me up like fire gone are the days but still i'm not giving in you set me on fire and left me burnt

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Wishful Thinking
Isac Elliot

…hear you say it You just keep me wishful thinking Girl just tell me what you´re feeling Still I´m holding on believing Someday someday you´ll talk to me someday you´ll give it all to me till then I´m just wishful thinking…

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Lighting It Up

…come with me and leave the world behind Now we feel the flames deep inside our veins, making us burn We can blaze away 'till the break of day, like fireworks We are, we are, we are lighting it up...…

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Sä et oo sä
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