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Touch & Go

…Like a fire that's inside my mind This desire almost makes me blind Something 'bout you only feels so right And something's brought me back tonight Your attention that I can't explain Satisfaction makes me go insane…

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Touch In The Night
Battle Beast

…horrendous emptyness inside Can you help me? I wanna feel your touch in the Night Unpure is my dark delight What a lustful sight before these eyes, oh darling? I'm gonna feel the wrath of the king 'Coz touching you was a…

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I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)

…I feel it in your touch I taste it from your lips And, baby, more I love you I see it in your eyes I feel it in your touch I taste it from your lips And, baby, more I love you And tonight, my darling, The closer I get…

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Your naked figure

…stay there for a while, see the people and feel the love, I dont know, how you need to live, I want crazy nights, and pour you, some more drinks. Are you the love, beauty or romance, how do you life, everyone have their…

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Feel for You

…, devil's lair Only so many times I can say I long for you The lily among the thorns The prey among the wolves Someday, I will feed a snake Drink her venom, stay awake With time all pain will fade Through your memory I…

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Pokemon (J&E Remix) feat. Sharon, Biggy Pop
Portion Boys

…balls to touch you, baby touch my balls.) fuck me I feel like drake the shit got real gonna jump to the lake spring breaks, king snakes just gonna do whatever it takes oooooh we are rocking with the pokemon go boo yeah…

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Junkie For Your Love
Anna Abreu

…said As you left, are still echoing in my head And this burning that I feel Shows to me That our love was for real refrain Junkie for your love…

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Burn Your Ship

…When days are growing dark Dreams fall apart and hopes are fading When fear is in your heart And tomorrow wears the mask of tragedy You'll learn what to burn What you need and what you should leave behind You'll know…

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…Riverdance And when you go down I feel like I'm in heaven baby... I'm not gonna make this last I'm gonna do this whole thing fast Gonna get you in my caddy Saying "Who's your daddy?" I'm not gonna make this last I'm gonna do…

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