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Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…, biggie, and 'pac those who taught me what is real rap as a kid I dreamed 'bout mic ...and now i know what it's like Sing it baby... kertosäe: Whatever you say Whatever you do Do everything you can To make your dreams come…

96.02 %
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Hanoi Rocks

…broken dreams I gotta get back on my feet And was it only yesterday you came my way Or was it just a while ago and do I have to tell you, you're my lover Do I have to tell you, I'm you're slave and do we have to dance…

94.57 %
Boulevard of broken dreams
Juha Tapio

…I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams When the city sleeps And I'm the only…

92.99 %

…is made up what you say I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah the world against us, not afraid 'cause I'm unbreakable, unbreakable you're unbreakable, unbreakable They can try to tear my dreams apart the fire that keeps…

83.24 %
Sea Of Dreams
Battle Beast

…me up from the Sea of Dreams Guide me through all the dark Into the glory of the heavens Rising up from the Sea of Dreams Sky-High (Solo) Take my dream Take my everything I'll be nowhere to be found…

67.28 %
Dream Big
Isac Elliot

…not alone (not alone) Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way, yeah Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way You're a star in the making You can have it all if you dare to…

66.78 %
Ever Dream

…Ever felt away with me Just once that all I need Entwined in finding you one day Ever felt away without me My love, it lies so deep Ever dream of me Would you do it with me Heal the scars and change the stars Would you…

48.13 %
Little Dreamer

…Once there was a boy back in time of the heathens Day after day he just kept dreaming things that would make him weaker His father could not make him see, that there is more than dreams But he wouldn't listen to the…

42.43 %

…starts to be over, we have every kind of bindings, you want it or not. The lifestyle has to be changed, you are a familyman, not alone anymore. The secret dreams and secret bindings. can be more interesting, than you think…

39.24 %
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