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Love Without Tears

…prove me wrong I should've known all along That love without tears Is just a story told to keep us hanging on In the cold all alone, baby don't fear I sing Love without tears, love without tears Go on and prove me wrong Love without tears, love without tears Please let me be so wrong…

100.00 %
A heart without a knowledge

…My work takes all the sharp away, thats why I like lazy days, it softens me different way, I am not that young anymore, and have no interest to play games. You have a body without a soul, but is islike a sculpture, but…

86.16 %
Warrior Without a War

…Only change is unavoidable, A brave new chapter is getting closer [again], Without a shroud of doubt he walked, The road, so long, one dream, now gone. What are you more afraid to find, Something to live or something…

71.29 %
A game without a name

…I dont want to consentrate to peoples minds, they are lazy, they just want to fight, you are just looking for a fun game, its just light game without any name. I just wanto to relax and stay in peace, look around…

58.62 %
Losers with Halos
Park 7

…now you feel you don't belong please hear me out 'cause in His eyes we're all beloved and in His love we have enough nobody here is a saint we keep on making mistakes no need to fake despite our weakness there is…

48.21 %
I want to be with you

…I just want to be with you, I am tired of this game, Its all the same anyway, I just want to get married, settle down, and fell the heat of the skin. I am tired of going around, without a stop, where I cant find love…

34.42 %
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)

…Deceive me out of my emptiness Telling me how you love" You keep on tempting me to go on, whatever the cost To witness the prettiest flower, in bloom, wither to dust So I'll break all the rules in this endless game once…

30.78 %
Shatter Me With Hope

…breathe me in, bleed out all sorrows Scream me a dream, untouched by shadows Baby, shatter me now, shatter me now Shatter me with hope She'll be the witness to the repose of Evelyn Push the needles into the of…

30.77 %

…not my mind that's in my head Within my shell without my soul It is my head but not my mind You know your way around the fools' hall of fame You say you're all for it, you're not in for the game It is so hard to try not…

30.41 %
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