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You Don't Get Me
Anna Abreu

Hey you, your moves are real smooth You've got style and you think you're cool Hey you, your world revolves around you But can't you see you're only singing my tunes Hey you, you laugh at my jokes But you can't even…

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…bed Leave my halo, my halo, my halo Cause my body feels so right Little naughty can be nice So get close, baby close, baby let's go We'll run away Just come a little closer it's on display Just get close, baby close…

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Midnight Hours
Mendi Moon

…you more Hey, nana-na-na! VERSE Infront of our school gates, I'm a minute late (sorry baby I'm always late) We'll of course our mates Decided they could stay (I know) Awkwardly we wait, No excuse to make (oh-no…

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Get Away
Doom Unit

…years I wanted more I've let you down For the last time I leave it all behind I can't save us from the fall What I've got now matters more I've let you down What I feel inside I can't deny Get away, Get away Get away, Get

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Satin Circus

hey if you let me if i may i'm here to get you girl you are fine hey could you be mine hey would you be my salvation what should i say what should i do i'm here to love you tonight ooh i wanna know if you wanna go…

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Just get addicted

…Have you just get bored of your life, it doesnt change here much. You can meet your friends, but the life is wide, my friend. You havent even seen the half of it, you have just got addicted to a one track, it has…

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…The way that she moves Yeah, yeah The way that she moves her body Don't get me started About the body Somebody get me out, can't live with or without it Cause what she got is Is so exotic I tell your momma, this girl is…

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Bright Matter

…beautiful What you did or said Should not be fuelling your pointless regrets Hey, hey, hey, hey, make yourself a star Refuse to play the walk-on part Let's make it a long, not lonesome, time It's your turn to shine Laying…

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Back To Mystery City
Hanoi Rocks

…We're not coming back so buy a one-way ticket! We're leaving right now for the Mystery City Got no heart, don't want no pity Hey little girl, you'll love it there Just backcomb your hair, let's get outta here We can't stay…

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