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Higher Than Hope

…Time it took the most of me And left me with no key To unlock the chest of remedy Mother, the pain ain't hurting me But the love that I feel When you hold me near The hopes were high The choirs were vast Now my dreams…

84.75 %
End of All Hope

…It is the end of all hope, To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence, To be someone like me. This is the birth of all hope, To have what I once had. This life unforgiven, It will end with birth. No will…

83.83 %
Yours Is An Empty Hope

…the pain, it proves we’re alive Can you feel it I can’t make you want the truth It’s up to you Yours is an empty hope Yours is an empty hope Feed me to pigs in your fantasies Your sea roars bitter elegies Like…

79.36 %
Sleepwalking Past Hope

…on sleepwalking past hope All is lost in this war All we can do is to wail and weep to the saddest song Sleepwalking past hope.... I unlit the light to embrace the dark To be near but not to turn into you my darling…

76.99 %
My Selene
Sonata Arctica

…? I won't bathe in your moonlight and slumber in peace Enchanted by your kiss in forever sleep But until we unite I live for that night Wait for time Two souls entwine In the break of new dawn My hope is forlorn…

29.80 %
Pokemon (J&E Remix) feat. Sharon, Biggy Pop
Portion Boys

…with my balls of fun hank hank like mix of cope and run gotta get some of that cause baby I'm a pokemon I'm gonna hit you baby with my ball gotta get some baby I'm a pokemon home alone I hope it's okay you can be my…

27.18 %
Sonata Arctica

…Tell me why I don't know why it's over I remember shooting stars, the walk we took that night I hope your wish came true, mine betrayed me You let my hand go, and you fake a smile for me I have a feeling you don't know…

25.97 %
Master Passion Greed

…for me I fuck up everything but let me explain." Some Day Some day you shall flee Panting and weak Master passion greed Master passion greed Master passion greed Master passion greed All within me gone but pain and hope

24.40 %
Love's Requiem

…We abandon the trust that kept us blind and disappear Under the crimson wings of hate where the lost are safe Until they love again The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's…

24.29 %
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