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How Could You Do It
Anna Abreu

…steal the show refrain: How could you do it How come you blew it You broke a precious thing And think that you can glue it How could you do it You took me through it You're messing with your destiny But you can't fool it…

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Sleep Tonight
Satin Circus

…hold your head I'll jump instead I'll make your nightmares mine So you can sleep tonight I hit the brakes I try to keep you safe You know there's just too much at stake Cause what we've got, a diamond in the rough Take…

43.55 %
Isac Elliot

…Sometimes in my sleep I got these happy dreams And it's always you and me And we are A star flyin' high No worries in our minds That's all I ever wanna' see I rather do this on my own I thought I've get trough this I'm…

36.07 %

now down to sleep In my dreams you're mine to keep (Sleepwalk with me...) Sleepwalker seducing me I dare to enter your ecstacy Lay yourself now down to sleep In my dreams you're mine to keep…

33.42 %
A Day Late, A Dollar Short
Hanoi Rocks

…Late at night as I lay down to sleep I think of all the secrets people keep like how I feel for you Do you feel it too or is it something we have to resume We're just two people watching time fly by In a world in it's…

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Hani do you can

…. Honey baby what you gonna do? And how do you do? Baby, baby I just want to you. I want to fuck and screw. And I just want to fuck and screw. And how do you dance? Baby baby be-bob-a-loo-love-loo. Oh my sweet pussycat…

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I Wrote a Song for You
Isac Elliot

…play is for you And all of our old friends Asking me how you been I wish I knew So if I call, would you pick up? It's the only thing I wanna do And I should stop Cause I fucked up So I'm putting all my tears to use I wrote a song for you (Oh yeah) I wrote a song for you (Oh yeah, oh yeah)…

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Kevät toi kevät toi muurarin
Tapio Rautavaara

…Kevät toi muurarin kevät toi muurarin kevät toi maalarin kevät toi rannoille hampparin ja kaupunkiin…

26.70 %
Satin Circus

…can I do to make you fall Tweeted my number, never called You, you, you drive me crazy You, you, you call me maybe E-M-M-A Emma, Emma I'm at your door She's in my head when I sleep in my bed And when I wake up, all I can…

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