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I have no friends
Piia Myyry

I write to myself, I am mtv generation, its my friend, i do everything myself, there is not much aid, I have no friends. You all still have your cosy lifes, in vienna its really a city style, grinzing wineyards and…

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I never seen such a days
Piia Myyry

Always the same people, l iving in the good neighourhood, neighbours them beat, and other peoples tables they eat, you see their faces, everywhere, they are not yur friends, they like their own games. Its nothing

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I still love you

…Once I, honey said that, I love you so And you said to me, are you are not to go But you left me, I feel so bad Everything is so blue, I feel so bad 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love you 'cause I still love…

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Beating Gets Faster
Hanoi Rocks

…love is such a rarity It lives all through eternity The nights we share, it seems they'll never end Oh Lord above, she must be heaven sent I know you and you know me That's the way it was meant to be I know you and you…

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You obey nothing
Piia Myyry

…beat human beings. You dont really act like academic people, you really are out of your league, you fit better to sport, only thing you do, is to score. You are between everything, its your rainbow group, who do all the nasty thing, 'you have no parents, you have no limits, i ts always the same thing, you obey nothing.…

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Always busy
Piia Myyry

…face in different places, you are always busy, with your own friends in different cities, where i have seen your people, they like to have fun, in their private lounges and places, I have seen you, year ago in helsinki, now you are in paris, near st. lazare, there I have seen you, before, coming home, to familiar places.…

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I spread my wings

I just want to see you right away, in the mornings, I just want to marry you, you are so crazy, I just spread my wings, and fly to you. Its now sunday, its our freeday, we can stay the hole day in bed, all my friends

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The Poet and the Pendulum

…become so cold? The blade will keep on descending All you need is to feel my love Search for beauty, find your shore Try to save them all, bleed no more You have such oceans within In the end I will always love you The beginning.…

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To interfere

…, I dont want to see these people no more, they are always teasing me, we all are already adults, seems that they havent grown up at all, just going downwards for sure. The life here is not the big city life, where…

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