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Dream Big
Isac Elliot

…not alone (not alone) Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way, yeah Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way You're a star in the making You can have it all if you dare to…

100.00 %
Ever Dream
97.20 %
Dreams feat. Ramona
Pale Tone

…, biggie, and 'pac those who taught me what is real rap as a kid I dreamed 'bout mic ...and now i know what it's like Sing it baby... kertosäe: Whatever you say Whatever you do Do everything you can To make your dreams come…

76.94 %

…is made up what you say I shout it from the rooftop, yeeah the world against us, not afraid 'cause I'm unbreakable, unbreakable you're unbreakable, unbreakable They can try to tear my dreams apart the fire that keeps…

72.60 %
Last Night I Dreamed Of You

…Last night I dreamed of you Dream too perfect to be true Together in a place where blossoms grew And then I woke up next to you Last night I dreamed of you Inside my dream was love so new The sun was shining and the sky was blue And then I woke up next to you…

58.09 %

…, greeting my dream I know that they ain't really got shit on me Keep setting them up, and knocking them down So put your hands to the sealing if you down like we We living it up, we doing it now Say o-o-o-Oh if you feel like…

53.02 %
Nylon Beat
52.80 %
New Way Home
Isac Elliot
50.86 %
Almost Real
Hanna Pakarinen

…hell Waking up to that dream And I swear I can tell You were here just a while ago Yeah I can feel you're almost real Almost real On and off and off and on We just never learnt to be You're still a number on my phone…

50.46 %
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