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Sinut Tahtoisin Luokseni feat. Martina Aitolehti
88.02 %
Lighting It Up

…, show, show Making the club our home, home, home Into the night we go, go, go We are, we are, we are lighting it up We are, we are, we are lighting it up We wanna be free Right here and now and just fall for the lights So…

47.13 %
Heart of Light
Opera Skaala

…In the agony of my mind, in the fury of my cry, I try to reach the sky, I'm blinded by the heart of light. Awakened couldn't see my pride talking to me. Where should I go, who should I be? Regaining back to me, gain…

31.89 %
Red bul antaa siivet

…Hei hei hei red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet vaikka missä tilanteessa jos on kaupassa tai ravintolassa tai tonkimassa roskiksia tai ihan koti sohvalla tai titi…

31.85 %
Dark Light

…Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries The poisoned tears of a life denied In the raven-black night Holding hands with... Dark light Come shine in her lost heart tonight And blind All fears that haunt her…

31.37 %
Secrets Of The Earth
Ghost Brigade

…shining through our eyes Was it another big mistake We don't know maybe it's better that way Black rain falls down hard So tired to find shelter We are the ones to blame So you better walk away See yourself standing in a crowd Red light is on and we are waiting Ready to burn down the sky Born to tear down the future…

30.44 %
While Your Lips Are Still Red

…Sweet little words made for silence Not talk Young heart for love Not heartache Dark hair for catching the wind Not to veil the sight of a cold world Kiss while your lips are still red While he's still silent Rest…

27.46 %
Know Why the Nightingale Sings

…gravital leash I swear the heaven's in my reach Dancing with the spirit of the air In this ocean so so open and fair Making love to the gods above On my maiden voyage so bold Landing safely to the blue lagoon Don't know if…

26.38 %
The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)

…stone, Eternal heathen Throne, Beneath the cold starlight. Revealed for the purest sight. Through constant affliction Towards alleviations, When a searing star is near. Carry on, you're almost here Far beyond the dark…

24.49 %
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