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One Desire

…ending So what's the right direction I still need to know where from Cause now my heart is on the run Hurts Does it matter where the pain is coming from When it still burns And the fire here inside me wasn't enough Will…

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…There was a time When I could breathe my life in you One by one Your pale fingers started to move And I touched your face And all life was erased You smiled like an angel (Fallen from grace) We've been slaves to this…

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One More Magic Potion

…me a new pint and together we roared Drink and dance! People of the forest sing with us! Who wants to brawl with me? Who can shape a kantele from a pike's jaw? Like the great one once did Close your eyes Calm your mind…

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On Erection

…, O-o-o-o-oo, ei enempää vain, O-o-o-o-oo, ollaan yhdes ain, O-o-o-o-oo, on erection. Hei tyttö, onkohan tää kohtaloa, me käytetään samanlaisia paitoja, esitän ajavani seksikkäästi autoa, se on illuusio ei mul oo ees…

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Only one

…mukanaa Silti ei unohtaa saa Vo-ooou Oot mun only one Vaikka ollaan historiaa Silti ei unohtaa saa Mun on pakko sanoo, ei jatkoo Ei värähdä ilmekään, eikä tunnu muka missään Tää on niin tätä itseään Täs ollaan, taas…

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One Man Army

…heart Burning Yearning Discerning I see it now You call it cruelty I call it strength I am cursed to be A one man Army You call me inhumane I call this life regained I am blessed to be A one man Army I will take the…

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One more Cup of Coffee
Juice Leskinen

…Your breath is sweet Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky Your back is straight your hair is smooth On the pillow where you lie But I don't sense affection No gratitude or love Your loyalty is not to me But to the…

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My only one

…what you've done to me When you hurt me so All the time i still dream of you 'Cause you've got my love 'Cause you were my only one Yeah-eah, my only one Oh-oh, my only one Please, back to me 'Cause you were my only one

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No One Else
Isac Elliot

…with no one else Can't see myself with no one but you I can't see myself without no one else Can't see myself with no one but you Round and round we go Round and round in circles It's an never ending road But when I'm…

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