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Why Can't My Heart Break

…feel a thing Why can't my heart break, though I want it Why can't he make me hurt Why can't I miss him, like I used to I don't know, I don't know I don't know, I don't know Why can't my heart break He's all that I want…

100.00 %
Worth Something
Isac Elliot

that worth something? Isn't that worth everything? I don't see what you see Oh, oh Isn't that worth something? Right now Isn't that worth everything? Isn't that worth something? Isn't that worth everything? Isn't that

80.92 %
Come over to my house

…crazy for you When you're alone Just come over to my house and stay Feel free to stay for a sleepover and I'll dream away I know that you'll leave at the dawn but I guess that's ok There's a door open for you to come…

76.08 %
Scared To Death

…In the biblical sense and sensibility Let me know you I'll kiss that smile off your face Just say when I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am scared to death to fall…

73.96 %
Know Why the Nightingale Sings

What does the free fall feel like? Asks the boy with a spark in his eye Know why the nightingale sings Is the answer to everything Taking a step to the world unbound Spinning my fantasies all around Freed from the…

72.22 %
Clouds feat. A.J. McLean

…the light in her daughter and sons' eyes See what I mean if you've seen her then you would know Outside, inside she's beautiful She got the note of eviction The rent's due, got bills by the million All alone trying to

64.72 %

…The way that she moves Yeah, yeah The way that she moves her body Don't get me started About the body Somebody get me out, can't live with or without it Cause what she got is Is so exotic I tell your momma, this girl is…

60.37 %
Coffee shop (i'm lovin' it)

…shop Wasting some time that I've already used Playing it safe I've got everything to lose I'm building a wall in here I'm making the most of this fear Still I think I know you by now You like to keep your feet off the…

60.23 %

…My future, and my past I ain't concerned by it My to-do list and my plans think time heard of that shit? The things I missm and the things I wanna, things I should do Shit don't exist What I gonna, or the things I

59.20 %
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