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Mirabilis Jalapa
Juice Leskinen

…Let me be a picture on your wall Let me be a picture on your wall Let me be a picture on your wall 'Cause if you don't, I won't be at all Let me be the sugar in your tea Let me be the sugar in your tea Let me be the…

31.42 %
A Definite Maybe

…know, I know, know A kiss is like a sugar high and I've been jonesing all my life Why would I ever wanna choose? Love's like my favourite candy store, keeps me coming back for more I never give my heart too soon I love…

18.13 %
If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good

…to ignite us Let's make honey baby soft and tender Let's make sugar darlin' sweet surrender Let's make a night to remember all life long…

15.11 %
Hani do you can

…-loo-love-loo. Do you can, oh do you can? On honey sweet sugar you. Sweet mamma, baby blue. I just want to fuck and screw you, you. Fuck and screw. Ammuu.…

13.80 %
Coffee shop (i'm lovin' it)

…building a wall in here I'm making the most of this fear No one really needs you You just need to be cool Minding your own business, son Cafe americano Milk and sugar and a top on An extra pour for the price of one When you…

13.09 %
Raju Lapsuus feat. BR & Suga D
Vemmi & Ale
12.87 %
First Kiss
Isac Elliot
12.11 %
Friba Milf ft. He$$u, Niqo, Okedi

…syömää pihvii kallis shittii? Viiden tähden sviitti, Tää muija mun sugar milffi. Tää muija on ku sokeria, En mä tiiä miten käy ku nään sen pelaa taskupokeria. Elän rauhas, ei oo mitää vakkarii. Mut joka ilta se vaa vie…

11.17 %
Huge L
4.82 %